4th Asia Motor Insurance and Claims Management Conference

29 - 30 March 2016, Centara Grand at CentralWorld, Bangkok, Thailand

Day Visit to 37th Bangkok International Motor Show on 30th March Afternoon

Theme: ''Being a Smart Motor Insurer''

Motor Insurance is the bread and butter issue for insurers yet it remains a love-hate relationship with consumers who moan about higher premiums and denied claims. For insurers, motor is a massive market with tremendous room for growth as well as improvement in claims and customer service while investing in loss-reduction sciences and art.
The digital and disruptive innovations in the automotive world offer a brave new landscape of opportunities for motor insurers. To stay relevant, motor insurers are forced to rethink their strategies. With the rise of Uber & GrabCar, many have been quick to monetise on the ridesharing wave, yet failing to comply with local regulations. Insurers are at the mercy of foul play, what can they do to address this? With authorities and owners facing challenges in preventing car thefts, how can the Insurers step up to mitigate this widespread issue to protect both their customers and themselves?
This Asia Motor Conference, with the theme “Being a Smart Motor Insurer” will look directly at being a better and smarter insurer in the traditional space as well as embracing telematics and analytics and looking at insuring driverless cars.


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