What are insurers doing with their investment portfolios?

The 2 Day Asia Investment Management Summit for Insurance Industry aims to catch the Investment mood for the industry, with Insurance CIOs, operating in one of the worst economic environments, to have engagement on strategic investment planning, compliance, ALM, risk measures, and diversification to more attractive yielding Asset Classes.

Jacqueline Loh Keynote
Jacqueline Loh
Deputy Managing Director (Monetary Policy & Investment/ Development & International Group),
Monetary Authority of Singapore

The Summit will provide answers to questions like:

  • What are the challenges to profitability in 2014?
  • How do CIOs counter a low-yield environment with alternative sources of return?
  • Given recent events, how should you diversify your portfolio? What are the most attractive alternative assets in 2014 and how do you access them?
  • What is the implication of a possible US-led quantitative-easing policy?
  • What are the better and appropriate Hedging Strategies to optimize Risk/Return profile and reduce risk and economic volatility of your balance sheet?
  • How do you align investment strategy with the broader insurance enterprise to truly differentiate the integration of your investments and ensure the
  • company’s leadership rest more easily knowing what they own and why they own it?
  • How do you adapt your company and its capabilities to control and govern less traditional asset classes and more complex risks?
  • How do you ensure best process and tools when monitoring your investment portfolio?
  • Are you effectively adapting to regulatory changes with ALM, Governance and Stronger Risk Management Infrastructures?

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Event Updates

Event Updates

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