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AIR+ is a professional’s tool that has been designed with today’s busy insurance executive in mind.

AIR+ delivers one thing only: Knowledge.

Knowledge about what the news means.
Knowledge about what trends are developing.
Knowledge distilled from first-hand contact with industry leaders.

But it’s an online-only premium content service that delivers much more than simply breaking news.

It is a punchy and immediate distillation of everything the serious insurance industry executive needs to know about – delivered in bite-sized chunks: Commentary, videos, podcasts and infographics.

AIR+ has been designed for decision-makers who need to know what is going on in an industry that is moving at dizzying speed – but who don’t have time to trawl through a 1,000-word report to glean the facts.

Updated throughout the day and delivered to subscribers on their ‘phone, tablet or laptop wherever they are.

AIR+ = Knowledge2

Reputed as the go-to reference point for Asia’s insurance industry: Asia Insurance Review provides reliable up-to-date news and developments in the market with its high quality editorial content including country profiles across Asia Pacific, cover stories identifying key trends, Guest Editorials and Interviews from leading personalities and regulators in Asia, Comprehensive coverage of life and general insurance, reinsurance and brokers, as well as our dedicated columns on risk management and regulations – Everything in one magazine.