The race for the trophy begins

The launch of the Asia Insurance Industry Award (AIIA) nominations always marks a very exciting time of anticipation, both for us at Asia Insurance Review (AIR) as well as the industry at large. It marks the beginning of the race to see who will claim an AIIA trophy in November. It is also a significant acknowledgement and recognition of the evolution of the Asian insurance industry in many ways.

This year marks the 28th year of hosting these awards. In the last 28 years, we have seen companies grow exponentially, as well as some that unfortunately have fallen. Despite the nuances and changes across almost three decades, we are so grateful to see the AIIA trophy remain the one to win. These awards remain a testament to the endurance, commitment and true spirit that the insurance industry embodies.

I have been involved in the AIIA from their birth in 1997 and on both a professional and personal front, it has been a true honour to have seen how the awards have grown from strength to strength, and how they have withstood the test of time.

On behalf of AIR, I am delighted to announce the launch of the 28th year of saluting excellence. Asia remains a powerhouse on the global stage, and whilst it is uncertain what trajectory the industry will take, global insurers do look seriously at Asia as a force not to be taken lightly. The Asia insurance industry plays a pivotal role in the global economy. We continue to showcase our strength and resilience despite challenges of geopolitical tensions, climate change issues, market fluctuations and the rise of new risks.

The awards play a humble role in pushing these boundaries of strength and resilience and we strive to keep apace of trends and developments to remain relevant. In line with this, we have launched a new category to recognise and salute AI initiatives that will help improve processes and efficiency in an industry surging with innovation.

It is indeed an honour for AIR to continue to showcase the cream of the crop of our industry and to acknowledge the hard work that goes behind impressive achievements the industry continues to make, year-on-year.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest appreciation to the judging panel who work tirelessly to plough through the entries to reward the deserving. It is they who maintain the integrity and professionalism of the awards process and help carry the torch to the highest peak, under the eyes of the scrutineer KPMG.

What many don’t realise is just how stringent the entire process is. The two rounds of judging demand not only a serious level of commitment, hard work and discipline on the part of the judges, but also fairness to ensure there is no conflict of interest. Utmost integrity is maintained at the highest degree at all times during the entire process. And the point scoring system and audit ensure nobody is privy to the result until the envelope is opened on the night of the gala dinner.

We also thank and salute our valued sponsors who help us to drive excellence. Your support is much appreciated.

We are excited to see what the nomination round brings this year. So do compete. The standard of entries improves with each passing year and your efforts will inspire and lay the road for future generations. We look forward to seeing a huge influx this year from strong contenders.

Whether your nominations take the form of self-nominations or via a third party, both carry equal weight. So do send in your nominations and make sure you pay close attention to the criteria.

All the best to the candidates. We look forward to seeing you at the awards gala dinner where the deserving winners will be revealed in conjunction with the 20th SIRC.

Sheela Suppiah
Asia Insurance Review and Middle East Insurance Review

It is with great pride and joy that, as founding patron of the Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards, I once again have the opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of our valued frontline colleagues.

As the awards reach their ninth successful year, it is important that we take stock of the significant contributions the insurance industry and its leaders – including all of the nominees – have made in helping people, their families and our communities move forward.

And that is against the backdrop of another challenging year. Many countries, faced with stubbornly high inflation, have seen their central banks implement the most aggressive policy tightening in four decades, with businesses and households, still reeling from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, having to adjust to the higher costs. The devastating wars in Europe and in the Middle East – human tragedies first and foremost – have added further uncertainty and volatility to the global economy.

By the end of 2024, voters in more than 70 countries will have been to the polls, making it the biggest election year on record. The outcomes are likely to have implications that extend beyond national borders, impacting trade, the green transition and geopolitics more broadly.

And it is in this highly complex environment that agents and advisers have once again distinguished themselves. They have enhanced customer experience through the use of innovative technological tools, best-in-class products and the peace of mind that comes from human engagement. They are the critical link of the insurance ecosystem and a driver of the industry’s continued growth.

I am delighted that the achievements of the nominated agents and advisers will be celebrated in Singapore later this year.

Thank you to Asia Insurance Review and the Asia Advisers Network for their leadership in making this happen.

Mark Tucker
Founding patron of the Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards and group chairman, HSBC Holdings plc