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Polynyas,' we call them. None. Mind you, the ice pack is never static, not even in winter, and surface-pressure changes can very occasionally tear the ice apart and expose open water. With air temperatures such as you get in winter, you can guess how long the open water stays in a liquid condition. There's a skin of ice on it in five minutes, as inch in an hour, and a foot inside two days. If we ge to one of those frozen-over polynyas inside, say, three days we've got a fair chance of breaking through.

Yes, but it's slow, what with all the other duties I seem to have acquired. Thian didn't exactly feel abused but he also didn't seem to have time for anything but his duties, eating and sleeping.

We're evacuating you, St'ven added.All the coastal holds. Every Weyr is helping!

Oh, how warm you've made your weyr, the older woman said, her eyes taking in the heating units.Good day to you, Ramoth, she added, nodding formally to the queen who was observing the visitor with tranquil green eyes. Then she walked rapidly to the nearest source of warmth, giving a mock shiver.How marvelous! We have heat now, too, but nothing seems to penetrate the cold in High Reaches.

Truslow stared out across the field, which was pitted with shell craters and littered with the black-humped shapes of the dead.So what are you going to do with him? he asked.The son of a bitch tried to have us all killed, he added, just in case Starbuck might be moved toward a gesture of mercy.

Did you find it? he said.

I have cruised the waters all around the island, Donatelli said,but I have never, never been to this spot. He chuckled softly.We Sicilians are superstitious people who believe in ghosts.

He keeps looking at me.Are you normal, Alisa? he asks.

It wasn't in nothing, she said.She just handed it over and I looked at it, then I gave it back to her.

Her eyes narrowed a little. Then I would be forced to prevent it. You would find you did not like that.'

She shook her head. No, you didn't. Don't ever think that, Richard. I don't. The spirits have made it impossible for us to win. They wish this, and have put us in a double bind.

Right again. And that kind of security calls for the talents of a legend. His enemies hired that legend. '

What else could you think? It still seems crazy.

The air was clean and cool. Hoof sounds, our breathing and the wind seemed to be the only noises in the neighborhood until we flushed a deer a bit later and heard the diminishing crashes of its retreat for some time afterward. We crossed a small but sturdy wooden bridge a little later, but no trolls were taking tolls. The road took a turn upward, and we wound our way slowly but steadily to a higher elevation. Now there were numerous stars visible through the weave of the branches, but no clouds that I could see. The deciduous trees grew barer as we gained a bit of altitude, and more evergreens began to occur. I felt the breezes more strongly now.

Bravo! said a familiar voice, and I fumed until I saw the smile followed by the Cat, who was tapping his paws lightly together. Callooh! Callay! he added. Well done, beamish boy!

'Can you speak up?' Sergeant Hall buzzed. 'There's an awfully noisy connection there at your end-'

The tall man shook his head Very slowly. 'I don't know.'

'Previews,' Jack mumbled. 'Told you you'd like it ' There were Voices. One said nosmoking. One said don't litter. One said groupratesavailable. One said Bargain Matinee-priceseveryweekdayuntilfourp.m.

She shook her head. If Lengyll had done what she now suspected, he'd get his payback two days from now. There would be reaping, all right. Reaping aplenty. But this ... this frightened her, and she said so.

Rand wished he could be as matter-of-fact as the Wisdom. He could not stop pacing up and down, as if he had energy to burn or burst from it. He knew his decision was made, knew it was the only one he could make with the knowledge he had, but that did not make him like it. The Blight. Shayol Ghul was somewhere in the Blight, beyond the Blasted Lands.

Rex was aware of a vast window filling one wall of the room. The top of the chrome-legged desk before it and the being which sat behind this. A child. Nothing more. He wore a sober business suit. His dark hair was slicked back. Dark glasses concealed his eyes. He was sucking a soft drink through a straw.

She looked at her cousin. "Is this necessary, Lew?"

But he wasn't having light conversation. "Even so," he said, "I have the smallest number of employees of any section in the department. Only six men, whereas other sections have up to a hundred. Also, I have had no turnover; for nearly eight years, except one case, a man who got killed and was replaced. I'm quite willing to co-operate, but I really don't see what you can do with me."

Van Buren's eyes widened at finally hearing from another person what he had suspected himself. "I'd be interested to know how you reached that conclusion."

Vries pulled out a xerox of the column. She had marked several passages in yellow highlighter. "Company X is said to be a high-tech company in Seattle that just named a woman to a high position. Mr. Piggy is said to be her subordinate. He is said to have brought a sexual harassment action. Mr. Piggy's wife is an attorney with young children. You say Mr. Piggy's charge is without merit, that he is a drunk and a womanizer. I think Sanders can absolutely claim identification and sue for defamation."

You could be in a cell. So everybody's dead. You'd still be in a cell and you'd starve to death anyway.

Someone was speaking to him. A woman. No, not a woman, a girl. But where was she? He was wary of looking around, fearful that the pain would return.

Fillson stopped and looked toward her. "Excuse me?" he asked.

All by yourself? They'll shoot you. They're crazy-drunk.



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