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It wasn't a stupid thing. Mallory spoke with slow, heavy emphasis.It was criminal folly. He knew everyone was watching them, but knew, also, that Stevens had eyes for him alone.Criminal, unforgiveable folly, he went on quietly,-and I'm the man in the dock. I'd suspected you'd lost a lot of blood on the boat, but I didn't know you had these big gashes on your forehead. I should have made it my business to find out. He smiled wryly.You should have heard what these two insubordinate characters had to say to me about it when they got to the top. . . . And they were right. You should never have been asked to bring up the rear in the state you were in. It was madness. He grinned again.You should have been hauled up like a sack of coals like the intrepid mountaineering team of Miller and Brown. . . . God knows how you ever made it-I'm sure you'll never know. He leaned forward, touched Stevens's sound knee.Forgive me, Andy. I honestly didn't realise how far through you were.

The bell sounded. She wasn't going to the door in that getup, was she? Perfect idiot. What the devil did he care! The door. He shrank back in the chair, fumbling in his pocket for the knife.

Turn off your light. I think something is down there.

A campus police officer on bicycle patrol was standing sentry at the helicopter when we got there, and tennis was going strong on the courts next door, balls clopping, while several young men practiced soccer near a goal. The sky was bright blue, trees barely stirring, as if nothing bad had happened here. Lucy went through a thorough preflight check while McGovern and I waited in the car.

Why's that?'

I'll put the pistols in this locker, sir, said Brown, completing the unpacking.

There isn't any gentle way to tell someone that a member of his family's dead. The direct method's as good as any. Besides, if Mr. Hickey was sensitive, he wouldn't have a recording answer his telephone for him. By the time he calls me back, he'll have had time to digest the news.

The last is a phony front set up by the KGB, said Hagen.They'll claim the Cuban exiles are an arm of the CIA, making us the villains of the destruction. There won't be a nation in the world who will believe our noninvolvement.

Hwan looked at the medic, who pointed toward a movie theater. There were body bags on the floor, and more were being carried in.

Probably not, Popov admitted to himself, and because of that, perhaps every mission he'd been assigned had been to some greater or lesser degree a fool's errand. The realization would have been a bitter one, except that his training and experience were paying off now with a lavish salary, not to mention the two suitcases of cash he'd managed to steal-but for doing what? Getting terrorists killed off by European police forces? He could just as easily, if not so profitably, have fingered them to the police and allowed them to be arrested, tried, and imprisoned like the criminal scum they were, which would actually have been far more satisfying. A tiger in a cage, pacing back and forth behind his bars and waiting for his daily five kilos of chilled horsemeat, was far more entertaining than one stuffed in a museum, and just as helpless. He was some sort of Judas goat, Dmitriy Arkadeyevich thought, but if so, serving what sort of abattoir?

What the hell had he done on the metro coach? What had he been thinking about? Actually, he hadn't really thought about it at all. It had just been some sort of foolish impulse hadn't it?

What do you mean?

His spirit soared like a fla-fa'az over the hills and trees and waters, the night winds beating in his face. Like the great Akor that nested in the high mountains, he sailed up, up, up. The night-belly of Meerclar was his field, to travel in where he would.

He knew better than to ask a third wish. Sara wouldn't want him invoking a deity in her favor. Not unless it were Ifni, the impartially capricious goddess of numbers and fate.

Yes, she said, after several moments. Then she extended the mirror to me. Take a look, she told me, as I just did.

As I recall, you said the chances of them erupting from the convergence impact was one in five.

Doc looks cautiously past Jack's shoulder. For a moment he sees a pink, diminishing whirlit's like the coming of the devil dog, only backwardand then it's gone. He looks up at Jack. Tears are rolling slowly down his sunburned face

'Tell it,' Bill said. He glanced over at Mike and saw that Mike looked happier - or more at rest - since the luncheon had begun. Was it because he saw the almost unconscious knitting-together that was happening, the sort of easy falling - back into old roles that almost never happened when old chums got together? Bill thought so. And he thought, If there are certain preconditions for the belief in magic that makes it possible to use the magic, then maybe those preconditions will inevitably arrange themselves. It was not a very comforting thought. It made him feel like a man strapped to the nosecone of a guided missile.

'Shut up,' Ted said. His wife had begun to moan,

"Nuts to both of you," I said. "And that includes your lady friends."

Canales put his wallet back in his breast pocket, turned and walked slowly back to the door, went through it.

"Nynaeve, one woman channeling doesn't mean - " The feel changed, swelling for a moment, then subsiding, lower than before. "Even two women doesn't mean anything," Elayne protested, but she sounded doubtful. "That was the most ill-mannered maid I've ever seen." She took a tall-backed red chair, and after a moment Nynaeve sat too, but she perched on the edge. From eagerness, not nerves. Not nerves at all.

Egwene's eyebrows rose sharply. That woman had to be ten years older than Nynaeve. "I see. It must use up a great deal of time. Playing cards. Too much to spare a few moments for old friends."

'No way. He wanted to call back in fifteen minutes, but I played the harried bureaucrat. I told him to call me in an hour or so. That'd make it past five o'clock, so we could gain another or two by my being out to dinner.'

The monster tore through the cornstalks and towered over her, and Swan cried out, got her feet uprooted and stumbled back, back, was falling, hit the ground on her rear and sat there while the monster's legs pounded toward her.

He came to attention. "I consider the sacrifice of my life nothing if it will save my family."

What is the problem she is trying to solve? Max had said. Now Fernandez was asking the same thing. Everyone seemed to understand except Sanders.

There was a big banner hung at the entrance to the stacks which read: "Find Buried Treasure-Read Books." Excellent advice.

built afire and boiled the ore,



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