23rd Asia Bancassurance Summit

30-31 Jan 2024, Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta, Indonesia

Theme: "Bancassurance 3.0: Reimagining, Reinventing and Reinvigorating Bancassurance in the Digital Age"

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Asian financial sector, Bancassurance still emerges as a fundamental distribution channel.

The Bancassurance sector finds itself at a critical juncture, propelled by the currents of change, and embraced by the promise of a dynamic future. This is a testament to the significance of the potential that comes from the convergence of banking and insurance, as it stands amidst the ever-shifting currents of economic and demographic change.

Asia, a region marked by its diversity, presents a mosaic where mature, highly penetrated markets coexist with emerging, nascent territories. These disparities, interwoven with economic and demographic variations, forge a complex tapestry for Bancassurance.

The penetration of frontier markets, the ascent of wealth, the burgeoning middle class, and the presence of protection gaps, all define the current scenario of Bancassurance in Asia.

This landscape is both a canvas of opportunity and a canvas of challenge, presenting us with the task of crafting strategies that appreciate regional diversity and intra-market economic disparities.

Asia Insurance Review is pleased to bring back our Bancassurance series of conferences, after a hiatus and will look at the theme “Bancassurance 3.0: Reimagining, Reinventing and Reinvigorating Bancassurance in the Digital Age. Since we last hosted this event, the landscape has truly morphed.

Challenges and Opportunities: In the post pandemic era, the Bancassurance sector has witnessed a sustained digital acceleration, transforming the way we engage with customers. Yet, the enduring cornerstone of trust remains as vital as ever.

The path ahead is illuminated with challenges related to digital adoption, regulatory nuances, and the dynamics of trust in a digital age. These challenges, however, also present new opportunities, ripe for exploration.

New Horizons: As we navigate this diverse and dynamic landscape, Bancassurance unveils new horizons that require us to reimagine our approaches. Our challenge is to transform Bancassurance into a comprehensive manager of financial well-being, leveraging insights and relationships with customers analytically.

It's about aligning with digitalization while integrating the capabilities of the bank and insurance organizations transitioning from a sales role into a service model oriented toward the customer.

Asia Insurance Review is pleased to invite you to attend its 23rd edition of Asia Bancassurance Summit 2024 which is a must-attend event for leading banks, insurers, regulators, financial services providers, and industry players to come together to discuss and deliberate the pertinent issues.

The two-day exclusive conference will explore how Bancassurance is redefining itself in the digital age, forging lasting partnerships, and pioneering innovative strategies to shape the future of financial synergy.

Join us as we embark into these dimensions, learn from industry leaders and experts, and together chart the future of Bancassurance in Asia. We invite you to explore the unique opportunities and challenges that this sector presents and to engage in discussions that will shape the path forward.

Speaking Opportunities

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