Spot the Stars in Space

Despite the tough time, the digital era produces many stars. There are those who sprint with verve and energy and some just effortlessly and gloriously.

With all the challenges that 2018 brings, what is most inspiring is to see the fighting spirit of the industry – not just to stay alive or just compete but to also respond to the concerns of society by choice. To me this is what makes stars!!

As we launch the 22nd Asia Insurance Industry Awards, we will stretch ourselves far too to embrace what is of growing concern in the industry. So this year, we are actually including three new categories: Woman Leader of the Year, Young Leader of the Year as well as InsurTech of the Year.

With the full cycle of 21 years, we are also dropping the category of Lifetime Achievement Award.

In this digital era, with insurers morphing to become more customer-centric, an award such as this will add to the public getting to know about insurers. Winners always excite the market! Everybody loves a winner as the saying goes. So get ready to take part and see how far ahead of the benchmark you are. Dare to be judged by your peers and leaders in the industry! Send in your entries now. Don’t coyly wait to be nominated. Get yourself liked!

I most gratefully thank the Panel of 33 Judges and 13 Sponsors who have kept faith with us to seek the best in the industry.

We will remain true to our form and ensure the integrity of the transparent judging process with the panel of eminent leaders and heavyweights in the market with an independent auditor. The criteria is clearly defined and the participants get a chance to submit their entries themselves.

And this year we are going that extra mile to give finalists a chance to include a three-minute video entry for the Awards. So you can be as “in” as you like to present yourself in our search for the stars of Asia, in the most coveted Awards to promote excellence in the insurance industry.

Sivam Subramaniam
Asia Insurance Review & Middle East Insurance Review

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