AWARDS JUDGING: 3 September 2019
AWARDS DINNER: 29 October 2019, Singapore

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Standing tall

Winners of Asia Insurance Industry Awards 2018

All set to show your glory? Welcome to the digital era – where the good get spotted easily – but somehow many just don’t stand tall long enough.

And that is why we have the Asia Insurance Industry Awards – which are all about recognising and saluting talent in the market. There are many companies and people in insurance who are inspirational in their dedication to the industry and to seeing insurance shine in society.

I know many people who work just for the passion they have for insurance - and some of them are wealthy enough to work without seeking rewards and returns.

So we launch these 23rd Awards with great confidence and faith in the industry at a time when it is going through phenomenal change. The challenge is even greater today in our fast-paced society where gratification is instant and where the core of insurance is about delayed enjoyment, about being secure for the future.

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