Feb 2019

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Reinventing Insurance

Unlocking new solutions for the Japanese market

Asia Insurance Review spoke to MetLife Japan’s Yasuhiro Maenaka about how the company intends to leverage recent collaborations to improve its compliance processes and deliver more targeted health solutions. 

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Blockchain and insurance: Show me the customer benefit

There is a paradox with blockchain: Everyone is excited about it, but nobody is really sure how it should be used – experts from Simon-Kucher discuss.

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An ecosystem for the future

EY and Guardtime’s blockchain platform, Insurwave, aims to solve several issues in marine insurance and build a future-proofed foundation.

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Successes and failures of blockchain proofs of concept

AIA has assembled a range of insight from testimonials, experience and aggregated intelligence and R3 has also amassed significant expertise. R3’s Kevin Rutter and AIA Group’s Georgio Mosis report.

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Smart insurance contracts: Automating insurance

Brian Harley and Antonia Anderson from Clifford Chance discuss the prospect of making smart contracts work for insurance.

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