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September 2014 Edition
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Is Asia making an impact on the RI scene?: Establishing Asia's mark on the global reinsurance scene

As a rising economic powerhouse, Asia is on the business agenda of many reinsurers around the world, and the region is definitely making an impact on the global reinsurance scene. And with Asia becoming a manufacturing...

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Country Profile - China
Growth still assured

Growth is still in the air despite the strong headwinds to be overcome. The industry is in a better shape than ever as reform and liberalisation are in gear and China's central government is expected to accelerate the pace to develop the private insurance industry.

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IT in Insurance: Telematics and Big Data

Usage Based Insurance (UBI) is fast becoming a mainstream game-changing offering for general insurers in the US, Europe and elsewhere. Big Data is another crucial tool for insurers. Several experts share why it is critically important for players in the industry to immerse themselves in new technology and not be left behind.

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Last updated on, 2 September 2014

Theme: ''Getting Ahead of the Queue''

28-29 Sep 2014, Parkroyal Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar

Theme: ''Strategies, Challenges, Opportunities & Solutions for Retirement Planning – Profitability in Longevity''

29-30 Sep 2014, InterContinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Theme: ''Critical Success Strategies to Make Compulsory Insurance Sustainable''

13-14 Oct 2014, Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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