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April 2014 Edition
Cover Story
From social media to social commerce: Dream or reality? - From trust to sales

The insurance business is really about trust and so social media, being a powerful form of peer influence, is key for social commerce. Insurers thus have to leverage this trust network to introduce their best products...

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Country Profile - Australia
Capital, compliance and cyber liability key issues in Australian market

While wide ranging issues faced Australian insurers, a Roundtable of 13 senior executives showed that the three "C" of capital, compliance and cyber liability dominate.

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Risk Management Feature
Engaging corporate risk managers: Contingent Business Interruption - A clear view?

With RIMS annual event in Denver this month, we look at the ubiquitous risk manager in the evolution of risk management and the critical role he plays today with greater responsibilities, the face behind the risk manager's mask and the four questions every self-respecting Risk Manger should ask of his insurer.

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Last updated on, 14 April 2014

Theme: ''Nailing Down the Winning Strategies in Bancassurance''

6-7 May 2014, InterContinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Theme: ''Breathing Fire Into the Life Market to Get Ahead of the Pack''

15-16 May 2014, Novotel Saigon Centre, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Theme: ''CFOs at the Forefront – Forward Thinking: How Far Ahead is Enough?''

26-28 May 2014, Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Singapore
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