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October 2014 Edition
Cover Story
Challenges of regulations: More certainty in risk taking

Regulators are setting standards that embrace the underlying principles of solvency management, risk management and consumer protection even in Asia. They come in various acronyms too from ComFrame, C-ROSS, FAIR, LAGIC,...

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Country Profile - Thailand
Back to business as usual

No matter what you read or hear, the market has been, and still is, resilient, never dented by the political uncertainties or the flood of increased claims. Thailand is now getting back to business as usual. And that is the word from the ground. In fact, the insurance sector bounced back with growth. And it can only get better, says the regulator.

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Special Feature
Actuarial feature for EAAC: What more can actuaries do?

In thinking about what else actuaries might do, it is perhaps worth revisiting the reason why actuaries became so important to insurance, says Mr Sam Morgan and Mr Neil Cantle from Milliman

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Last updated on, 8 October 2014

Theme: ''Making Marine Insurance a Viable, Strategic Priority for Shipowners and Ship Managers''

27-28 Oct 2014, Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Singapore

Theme: ''Making Takaful Fighting Fit for the Future''

12-13 Nov 2014, InterContinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Theme: ''Reinsurance as Strategic Risk Management for Underwriting Profitability''

16-17 Nov 2014, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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