7th Asia Insurance Brokers’ Summit

5-6 Mar 2019, The Westin Jakarta, Indonesia

Theme: "The Seven Virtues of Brokers that Make Them Indispensable"

Being the Best in the Digital Era

Key Topics

  • Keynote Address: The World Class Broker in the Digital Era
  • Special Address: Setting the Standards of Customer Service & Customer Engagement in Broking
  • Special Address: The Global Risks Report 2019
  • Managing the Risks in Industry 4.0 
  • Indonesia Earthquakes and Tsunamis – The risk transfer gap 
  • The Fate of the High Street Broker on Digital Avenue
  • Impact of Current Global Political Risks on Business 
  • Brokers Talent Shortage, and Yes, We’re Tired of Discussing It – Are we doing enough to attract new talent?
  • The Broker Client Relationship – How can Brokers improve client retention and loyalty?
  • What’s next in Employee Benefits? Trend in 2019
  • Benefits Brokers – Are you providing enough value? 
  • Building Successful Underwriter Brokers Relationship
  • Accessibility and Capacity Issue for Takaful Brokers
  • Fraud Prevention Strategies for SMEs – Brokers to support insurers in fraud fight

Innovation and Technology 

  • Fostering Effective Collaboration between Brokers and InsurTech with Customer First Goals
  • Battle of the Giants – Tech vs Brokers
  • How InsurTech Boasting Brokers 
  • Unlocking the Potential of AI-powered Chatbots 
  • How Blockchain will Pressure Broker Commissions – Impact of blockchain on broker distribution
  • What is the Intelligent Broker – Improving processes through automation

Special Focus on Cyber

  • Assessing Damage of Cyber-Crimes: Overview of global cyber security breaches 
  • Cyber Threat Landscape in the Autonomous Era – Will brokers soon be selling cyber protection for automated vehicles?
  • SMEs Need to be Ready for Cyber Battle

Panel Discussions 
The Seven Virtues of Brokers that Make Them Indispensable 

The Winning Formula for World-Class Customer Experience
- What true world-class support should be like
- How brokers can use data to enhance customer experience
- Connecting every interaction across every channel

Asia Brokers Association Leaders Panel
- Addressing the essential ‘cornerstones’ for brokers to develop and thrive in Asia
- Optimising the role of brokers in the value chain

Leaders of Today meet Leaders of Tomorrow Panel
- Who are the leaders of tomorrow and what do they want from the workplace?
- Leadership lesson learned
- Raising professionalism

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