Virtual Asia Employee Benefits Conference

29 Sep 2021, Virtual Event

Theme: "The Future of Work - Benefits That Matter Today and Beyond"

Employee benefits were viewed mainly as a means of attracting talent before the pandemic. Now, the focus has shifted to taking care of the current workforce which has been profoundly affected by illness and loss. Millions have lived through lockdowns, which decimated economic activity and sent unemployment skyrocketing. Many made the abrupt shift to working from home. Workers have suffered declining mental health as isolation, fear and grief set in, with many people losing a family member or friend to COVID-19. How have companies adapted their benefits and support? What benefits do employees want today? How can health insurance support better employee financial wellbeing?

This year’s Virtual Asia Employee Benefits conference will bring together a group of employers, insurers, benefits advisers, brokers and TPAs to engage in two days of networking and dynamic discussions around improving employee health while containing rising healthcare costs in the age of pandemic.

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