Virtual Asia Conference on Healthcare and Health Insurance

15-16 Apr 2021, Virtual Event, Singapore

Theme: "Cost-effective Healthcare and HealthTech Solutions in the Pandemic-induced Work-from-Home Era"

Emerging Trends in Mental Health Cover and Bespoke Policies

The year 2020 has been one of unprecedented challenges for healthcare providers and insurers across the globe. Healthcare costs will continue to accelerate given the pandemic and its aftermath. An ageing population and the rise in chronic diseases are putting pressure on expenses. Everyone is looking at insurers as the bearer of the last costs with deep pockets. Consumer demand for quality, personalised care is growing. Smart insurers that use data analytics offering personalised insurance will be better positioned than their competitors. 

The pandemic has also had a profound impact on mental health globally as billions struggle to cope with isolated living, quarantines, social distancing and changes to working conditions. Factors such as economic losses can potentially cause long-term mental health issues to those with no previous mental illness, as well as exacerbate the conditions of those with pre-existing mental health problems. Yet countries, on average, spend only 2% of their health budget on mental health.
How can the healthcare and insurance sectors support the mental health and well-being needs of individuals and employees? Can tech tackle the COVID-19 mental health fallout? 

This two-day conference will discuss the dynamic and critical role of insurance in the health business – how the insurance, health and tech markets find a common working ground to cope and fight the pandemic and add value. 

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