Asia Motor Insurance & Claims Management Conference

21-22 Jun 2022, Amara Singapore

Theme: "Is digital driving motor insurance today?"

The motor insurance industry is moving ahead rapidly. From online insurance purchases and policy updates, new vehicle manufacturing and repair technologies, the evolving telematics technology and upward trend of usage and driver behaviours-based insurance and the adoption of electric and semi-autonomous driving technology going to reshape the industry and altering every aspect of the insurance value chain.

The growing availability of data and the power to analyse it enables insurers to deliver a better overall experience through tailored products, pricing and services. Are insurers ready for the effort needed?  What does the future of cars mean for motor insurance? As extreme weather events are on the rise, the impact of floods losses is magnified across Asia. Can insurers afford the rising of motor losses due to floods? What can motor insurers be doing to make a vital contribution to protect against climate change?

Join us in Singapore for the Asia Motor Insurance Conference. We can’t wait to welcome you back to connect in person and network with key experts to tackle these challenges!

Note: In line with the Singapore's prevailing national guidelines, only fully vaccinated local and overseas delegates will be admitted into the hotel venue. Delegates must always remain masked when not consuming F&B.

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