Virtual Briefing: Survival Skills in the Era of Pandemics

7 Apr 2020, Live webcast, (9.00am – 11.50am/Singapore Time)

As the COVID-19 outbreak rapidly spreads, Asia Insurance Review is organising this first-ever virtual briefing on Survival Skills in the Era of Pandemics. The briefing brings together leading industry speakers to cutting-edge insights on dealing with the business threats and opportunities posed by severe global health events. Presented in a convenient format, streamed video and completely online, you need not leave the office to benefit from today’s most insightful thinkers.
This briefing is intended for all insurance industry players who need a complete – and trusted – briefing on the threats, opportunities and realities of doing insurance business in very difficult circumstances.

Presentations and breakout sessions will include top industry presenters covering topics such as:
How leading insurers should respond to a business downturn caused by a supply-side shock
Life insurance readiness
Extreme mortality risk/extreme mortality events arising from pandemics. What large-scale loss of life looks like on the books of a life insurer
Health insurance readiness
When health insurance proves to be inadequate. Too little too late
General insurance readiness
When business interruption is sudden, massive and potentially terminal
Insurance asset manager readiness
How to immunise the investment portfolio of an insurance company against sudden and rapid loss of confidence in traditional asset classes
Insurance brand management readiness
Surviving a reputational catastrophe in the event of a pandemic

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