17th Asia Insurance CFO Summit 2024

8-9 May 2024, InterContinental Hotel, Singapore

Theme: "The Future CFO: Mastering the Art of Navigating the Complexity and Dynamics of the Insurance Industry"

In recent years, businesses have experienced a significant transformation, leading to a fundamental shift within organizational structures. Traditionally confined to the fundamental functions of finance operations such as accounting, budgeting, auditing, and taxes, CFOs now find their roles significantly broadened, particularly within the dynamic landscape of the insurance industry.  

Faced with a constantly changing market environment and evolving consumer expectations, CFOs are undergoing an evolution and pressure in their responsibilities to strategically drive value across the entire enterprise, in addition to their traditional role.  

Ongoing geopolitical threats, talent crises, soaring inflation, lingering supply-chain disruptions, cyber and ransomware threats and a host of other risk triggers are leading to significant disruptions impacting an organization’s business model. Today, the modern day CFO have to integrate their core finance skills with additional capabilities to effectively support the organization's long-term growth trajectory and to survive. 

 CFOs as Growth Champions 

As growth champions within organizations, CFOs must today steer and create financial strategies that not only ensure stability but also propel sustainable expansion. They play a pivotal role in identifying investment opportunities, navigating financial complexities, and aligning financial strategies with broader organizational goals to execute growth initiatives. They are integral architects of long-term growth, driving the organization forward in dynamic and competitive landscapes. 

World-Class CFOs: Embracing Agility, Weathering Volatility with Adaptive Financial Strategies 

In the face of perpetual disruption, it is now critical for CFOs to strive and maintain world-class standards. The bar has been raised. Can today’s insurance CFO emerge as resilient leaders steering organizations through unprecedented challenges? Can these financial stalwarts also demonstrate a keen ability to adapt and innovate in dynamic environments and stay many steps ahead of predicted threats? Now more than ever, CFOs are indispensable architects of organizational success.  

Asia Insurance Review in bringing back our CFO series of conferences, aim to address the key fundamental shift required for the Modern CFO’s. As such, the theme - The Future CFO: Mastering the Art of Navigating the Complexity and  Dynamics of the Insurance Industry will do just that. Since we last hosted this event, the landscape has truly morphed.  

The 17th edition of Asia Insurance CFO Summit 2024 is a must-attend for CFOs from leading insurers, reinsurers, financial services providers and industry players to come together to discuss and deliberate the pertinent issues. 

Against the backdrop of unprecedented change, this conference aims to equip CFOs with the insights, strategies, and tools essential for mastering the evolving insurance sector and help shape the financial landscape for the future.  

We invite you to explore the unique opportunities and challenges that this sector presents and to engage in discussions that will shape the path forward.  

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