Türkiye Rendezvous 2022

10-11 Oct 2022, Istanbul, Turkey

Theme: "Creating an Insurance Hub towards Vision 2024"

Standing at the crossroads of both the East and West, Turkiye is strategically placed to be a major player and deciding factor in international affairs. As geopolitical tensions and global crises continue to simmer, it is ever more crucial for the Turkish insurance industry to rally and work in unison to overcome the many challenges faced.

It is with this in mind that we at Middle East Insurance Review and Asia Insurance Review have organised the first ever Turkiye Rendezvous in Istanbul to bring together industry players from Turkiye and around the globe. We are pleased to have Huntington Partners as our lead sponsor at this inaugural event.

These are some of topics that the Turkiye Rendezvous will address: Responses to geopolitical tensions, thought leadership of c-level executives, the implementation of technology, challenges faced due to inflation, the formation of the Turkic World Insurance Union, best industry practices to be adopted and the adoption of IFRS17.

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