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2nd Türkiye Rendezvous 2023

10-11 Oct 2023, Hilton Istanbul Kozyatagi, Istanbul, Türkiye

Theme: "Sitting on the Cusp of a New Dawn for Türkiye and the Region"

Co-Hosting the XV. International Istanbul Insurance Conference

The Türkiye Rendezvous returns for 2023 following the success of last year’s inaugural event!

Since the 1st Türkiye Rendezvous was launched in 2022, the ecosystem for Türkiye has taken a massive hit due to the 6th February 2023 earthquake, which affected both Türkiye and Syria.

Dubbed as the most devastating natural catastrophe for the first half of 2023, all eyes are now on Türkiye to look at recovery measures in the cusp of a new dawn which inevitably will have a significant impact on the region.

According to Munich Re, the overall losses account for approximately USD35 billion and together with losses from Syria, account for 36% of the Nat CAT losses for 1H2023.

The impact of these losses overturned the outlook for 2022 where the Türkiye insurance sector grew by 123% based on Insurance Association of Türkiye figures. However, in 1H2023, total premiums generated shot up by 131% compared to the corresponding period in 2022. This shows the resilience of the market with its great potential to attract great interest especially with its vast population and economic potential.

At the 2nd Türkiye Rendezvous, hosted by Middle East Insurance Review in partnership with the XV.International Istanbul Insurance Conference, we will explore how Türkiye braces itself for the challenges and opportunities ahead in rebuilding the market, as well as inflation and currency issues. The event will look at how recovery measures will rebuild and recharge a market that continues to be a jewel in the region.

2023 will be the pivotal turning point for the market.

The Türkiye Rendezvous together with the XV.International Istanbul Insurance Conference have collaborated to set the agenda and gateway to unlocking the realm of possibilities Türkiye has in its transformative journey not only domestically but also for the region. The Rendezvous will also explore the outlook and potential, as well as regional cooperation within the industry for Türkiye.

We look forward to welcoming you, together with us, in Istanbul!

Simultaneous Translation will be provided in Turkish/English

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