7th Asia Motor Insurance and Claims Management Conference

26-27 Jun 2019, SO Sofitel Bangkok, Thailand

Theme: "The Bread and Butter of Motor Insurance - From the Old World to the New Era"

Finding New Solutions for the Old World Problems in Motor

Key Topics

The Old World

  • Keynote Address: Can Regulations Cure the Ailments of Motor Insurance
  • Special Address: A Road Map to the Future of ASEAN Auto Industry: Manufacture Perspective
  • Actuarial Pricing in Motor Insurance
  • The Next Generation of Motor Underwriting
  • Lessons from Thai Floods on CAT Risk Management in Related to Motor
  • Bad Claims Experience – User Experience is the New Battlefield!
  • Cross Border Fleet Risks Management 
  • Future of Motor Repair
  • Road Safety Goals and Target for Asia
  • Case Study: Fraud in Motor Bodily Injury Claims
  • Fraud Litigation Management
  • Motor Vehicle Crime - Export Vehicles and Finance Fraud
  • Usage of Big Data for Telematics and Fraud Detection
  • Disrupting Motor Fleet - Managing Fleet Risks to Make Road Safer
  • Legal Issues in Motor Insurance

Panel on Trends in Motor Claims Frequency and Severity 

  • What’s behind the rise?
  • Technologies support for a better costs control

Panel on Being a Smart Motor Insurer

  • Sharing of Experience in Motor Markets in Asia
  • Detariffication experience in Asia

The New World

  • ADAS Risk Score – New Motor Insurance Rating Concept
  • How Blockchain affect Motor Insurance
  • Smart Contract – Manage Claims Smartly and Swiftly
  • Cognitive Automation for Digital Claims
  • Driverless Cars in Asia – The challenges to overcome
  • How Big Data will Help Improve Road Safety
  • Evolving Today's Motor Policies to Meet New Era of Mobility
  • How can Insurers Tap into the Huge Potential from Vehicle Connectivity
  • Future of Mobility Landscape: Seize the Opportunity in the New Transportation Ecosystem
  • Electric Vehicle Adoption - Is Insurance a Roadblock to Electric Vehicle?
  • Evaluating Infrastructure for Autonomous Vehicles Operating on Public Roads
  • Risk Management in Driverless Car – Legal Liability
  • Security Weaknesses in Autonomous and Connected Vehicles
  • Selective Underwriting: Permissible in Compulsory Markets?
  • Optimising on NCBs
  • InsurTech Schemes in Motor

Motor Claims Future Panel 

  • Self-service auto claims – Will this become a reality?
  • Innovation and next-gen of claims
  • Will a centralised motor claims body work?
  • Social Issues in Motor Insurance

Panel on Liability in Ride-Sharing Schemes

  • Who pays?
  • Fill the insurance gaps
  • Ride-sharing and insurance disputes

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