19th Asia Conference on Healthcare and Health Insurance

24-25 Apr 2024, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore

Theme: "Navigating the Asian Healthcare and Health Insurance Ecosystem to be Future Ready"

Key Topics

Global Perspective and Trends:
1. The Future of Health Insurance: A Global Perspective and Regional Trends

Affordability and Accessibility:
1. Reimagining Affordability: Designing Sustainable Health Insurance Models for Asia
2. Managing Rising Healthcare Costs: Innovative Strategies for Affordability and Sustainability
3. Bridging the Insurance Gap: Expanding Coverage for Underserved Populations
4. Sustainable Healthcare Financing: Innovative Solutions for Affordability and Accessibility

Regulatory Landscape:
The Evolving Regulatory Landscape and its Impact on the Health Insurance Industry across Asia – Challenges and Opportunities for Health Insurers

Technological Innovation:
1. Embracing Disruption: Leveraging Technology to Transform Insurance Operations
2. Data-Driven Underwriting: Utilizing Analytics for Personalized Risk Assessment
3. Leveraging Data Analytics for Risk Assessment, Fraud Detection, and Cost Management
4. The Future of Claims Management: Leveraging AI and Automation for Efficiency

Risk Financing:
1. The Rise of Alternative Risk Financing: Exploring Captives, Self-Insurance, and Reinsurance
2. The Rise of Alternative Funding Models: Microinsurance, Parametric Insurance, and Beyond

Consumer Expectations and Engagement:
1. Adapting to Evolving Consumer Expectations: Personalization, Transparency, and On-Demand Services
2. Addressing Insurance Fraud and Enhancing Customer Experience in Building Trust
3. Partnerships for Progress: Collaborating with Healthcare Providers and Startups

Healthcare Management and Preparedness:
1. Chronic Disease Management: Partnering with Providers for Cost-Effective Care
2. Building Resilience: Preparing for Pandemics and Emerging Health Threats
3. Mental Health Spotlight: Destigmatization, Early Intervention, and Accessible Care

Panel Discussion

  1. Emerging Risks and Insurance Innovation: What do Insurers need to know about projected emerging risks to their portfolio & what innovations are in place
  2. Building a Sustainable Insurance Ecosystem: Collaboration for a Healthier Asia
  3. Public-Private Partnerships in Health Insurance: Sharing Data and Collaborating for Better Population Health
  4. Telehealth Revolution: Overcoming Hurdles and Expanding Adoption

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