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Nov 2012


IRDA – Putting policyholders first

The Indian insurance industry has seen a fair share of regulatory changes in the last few years. In this exclusive interview, Mr J Hari Narayan, Chairman of IRDA, talks about the need for these changes and shares his unshakable confidence in the sector, saying that setbacks, if any, encountered now are temporary. By Jimmy John

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Updating models transparently Updating models transparently

Mr Bill Keogh, President of EQECAT Inc, shares his thoughts on how to reduce the impact of model changes on companies’ operations and says insurance-linked securities will see more regular placements in Asia. By Benjamin Ang

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Internationalising Lloyd’s

Although the bulk of Lloyd’s present business is already generated outside the UK, there is still much room to make Lloyd’s a truly global hub, leveraging on its forte as a specialist insurance and reinsurance market. Chairman John Nelson says it does not stop there though, as it wishes to diversify the 325-year-old market’s capital base and human mix as well, to make it truly global. By Osama Noor

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SCOR affirms its strong position

Active portfolio management, combined with prudent underwriting and capital shield strategies and policies, has enabled SCOR to continue to create value from the technical side of its operations despite the crisis, says Mr Victor Peignet, CEO of SCOR Global P&C (SGPC). By Osama Noor

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Partnering clients in a competitive environment

Mr Patrick Aeschbacher, Head of Reinsurance Asia Pacific, and Mr Hans-Joachim Guenther, Chief Underwriting Officer and Head of Reinsurance Europe & Asia Pacific, Endurance Specialty Insurance Ltd, share their plans for 2013 and that in Asia’s emerging markets, the way to avoid low margins amidst the competition is to be selective and find clients who will be robust partners across cycles. By Benjamin Ang

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Identifying opportunities

Canopius Group has overcome the consequences of 2011 events, made a well-planned acquisitionand is now looking to identify growth opportunities for 2013, especially in Asia. Amidst all these plans, Mr Michael Watson, Executive Chairman, stresses that rates need to be aligned with the risks and exposures. By Osama Noor

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Keeping it small, for now

Tokio Marine Global Re is keeping its Asia operation small – for now, believing the time is not yet right to expand given the prevailing soft market conditions. Instead of competing with major players, it aims to be different by focussing its capacity and expertise on small-to-mid-sized clients in its areas of strength: property and marine cargo, says its Director & CEO Keiichi Maruyama. By Manuelita Contreras

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