Apr 2013

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Special Feature

Meteorites: Will we "luck out" one day?

The unforeseen occurrence of the recent event in the Cheylabinsk region in Russia raises the question of "what if" and whether the industry is ready to face the consequences of a major meteor strike on Earth.

Asset Management Focus: Rethinking asset allocation approaches

In the current weak investment climate, insurers are rethinking their asset allocation and redefining their risk appetites. Mr Jerome Ponrouch of BNP Paribas Hong Kong shares how they can manage their assets effectively.

Asset Management Focus: Finding balance in "stingy" times

Mr Eugene Mak of Natixis Hong Kong Branch advocates that Asian insurers consider a dynamic asset allocation position so as to produce a "smoother' ride.

Thoughts on Diversity: Anti-diversity

The biggest enemy of diversity is "anti-diversity" - anything that stomps over things diverse and intending to homogenise them or conversely anything coming in the way of something attempting to diversify. Over the last couple of weeks, I picked two stories both defying this hypothesis. One in a heroic sense and the other in a mysterious way! By Mr Praveen Gupta