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Nov 2014

Country Profile

A drive to benefit consumers & companies

The regulator continues its busy work of introducing more regulations and policies as it works towards putting in place a more market-friendly environment for the industry to benefit both consumers and companies. Plans are afoot to boost the industry's innovative edge; accelerate the island's bid to become a major Asia Pacific financial services hub; and enhance discipline for the benefit of all.

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Interview with Regulator: Game plan for success

This year has been a flurry of activities for Taiwan's insurance regulator as it aims not only to assist insurers in coping in an intensely competitive environment, but also to enhance the insurance industry's comparative edge and to accelerate the island's bid to become a major financial services hub in Asia Pacific. We bring you a comprehensive overview of the regulator's grand plans, including upcoming measures in this exclusive interview with Ms Joanne Tzeng, Director General of the Insurance Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC). By Dawn Sit

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Life: Marching to the beat of market-friendly regulations

With an array of regulation changes and new policies being announced by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC), the life insurance market in Taiwan is abuzz with activity as players welcome the market-friendly measures and seek to act on them with enthusiasm. By Dawn Sit

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Non-life: Full steam ahead for innovation

Like its counterparts in the life insurance market, Taiwan's general insurers are equally enthusiastic about the recent enhancements announced by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) throughout the course of the year. We weigh in with local market players as they discuss the state of the non-life market and future expectations, along with their action plans in response to policy changes. By Dawn Sit

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Staying resilient in times of change

Mrs Danny Yeung of Guy Carpenter looks at the non-life market in Taiwan, with focus on natural catastrophe exposures. She notes that local market retention and capacity have seen increases over the years as insurers become more established in their business while the regulator is also active in playing its role in supporting the industry as well as enhancing financial stability and discipline in the market.

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More regulatory hurdles removed to facilitate foreign investment activities

Following the regulatory relaxation of foreign investment limitations for insurance companies in 2013, the Financial Supervisory Commission (the "FSC"), the regulator of insurance industries in Taiwan, further amended the Regulations Governing Investments by Insurance Companies (the "Regulations"), effective from 22 April 2014. By Mr C T Chang, Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law