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Nov 2014

Cover Story

Reinsurance renewals - Stability and sustainability expected

Despite the market being awash with excess capacity, most reinsurers see rates stabilising for the renewals and expect Nat CAT rates to bottom out. There is also the stress on sustainable relationships going for the current flavour of the month. And we bring you a perspective on the right price and the human factor as well as an article on "capital package" that can be provided by reinsurance.

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Reinsurance renewals - The need for sustainability and the realities of the 2015 renewal

The word "sustainability" has replaced "solutions" as this decade's hot buzzword. "Solutions" is now applied to topics as diverse as financial services to bottled drinking water and plumbing, and in the same way "sustainability" is creeping from its recent environmental connotations to having a place in the reinsurance-speak vernacular. Mr Chris Kershaw of Peak Re discusses this and the realities of the impending renewal.

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Reinsurance renewals - Rendez-vous de Septembre: Conservative optimism sets tone for market

Every year, delegates from all over the world converge on a single location to attend the Rendez-vous de Septembre in Monte Carlo for what is perhaps the biggest event in the insurance and reinsurance industry. At this year's conference, which drew over 2,500 attendees from more than 100 countries, we sensed much conservative optimism in the discussion over the state of rates in the market. By Dawn Sit

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Reinsurance renewals - The Right Price for Risk: "Let's not underestimate the human element in underwriting"

In this day and age where Big Data rules, the human influence is often ignored. Mr Mo Tooker at Gen Re shares their learnings on this, observing that the decision biases made by underwriters cannot be underestimated and that lessons need to be learnt so that the journey towards better judgment by humans can continue.

Reinsurance renewals - The partnership package

Mr Alain Flandrin of PartnerRe Asia reviews the range of benefits associated with reinsurance capital - it's the "partnership package" that delivers fast-track, quality diversification and growth to Asian markets.

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