Dec 2014

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Smaller South Asian markets: Small but sparkling - Bangladesh: Industry still striving towards vibrancy and stability

Positive and good growth is the hallmark of the four smaller countries in South Asia - Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives and Nepal. The four countries have issued or are issuing new regulations to bring insurance to the masses. It may be a Herculean or Himalayan task as these emerging markets are still in the early days of increasing the middle-class population. But with the established success of their bigger South Asian neighbours, these four nations are in good stead as the region is thriving.

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Smaller South Asian markets: Nasir Choudhury: The global face of Bangladesh's insurance industry

Mr Nasir Choudhury was conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 18th Asia Insurance Industry Awards held in Taipei. We profile the man and his mission to take insurance to the masses in Bangladesh. By Jimmy John

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Smaller South Asian markets: Bhutan: Land-locked nation set to unlock its potential

Bhutan, a land locked nation bordering India and China, is witnessing changes on the insurance front with the government coming out with new draft regulations for the sector and also the entrance of a new reinsurance player in the market. By Jimmy John

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Smaller South Asian markets: GIC Bhutan Re: In His Majesty's service

With the purpose of retaining premium within the country, GIC Bhutan Re Ltd was established in September 2013. Over the past one year, the company has been exploring markets in the Indian sub-continent to do business and also getting its strategies in place. In an exclusive interview with Asia Insurance Review, its CEO, Mr Wangchuk Namgyel, talks about his company and future expansion plans.

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Smaller South Asian markets: Nepal: Himalayan task before industry & Interview with the Regulator

Since the adoption of liberal economic policy by the Government of Nepal in 1990, the insurance industry of Nepal has continued to grow steadily. This positive growth in the market is measurable both quantitatively and qualitatively. On the one hand, there has been an increase in the number of companies involved in the insurance sector and the range of services they offer to society, and on the other hand, priority has also been given to the quality of the services provided.

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Smaller South Asian markets: New resorts to drive insurance growth in Maldives

The insurance industry in Maldives is expected to get a major boost as a number of new tourist resorts are being built across the county with millions of dollars of investment in each resort. By Jimmy John

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Smaller South Asian markets: Business establishment criteria: A short guide

A short guide of Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives and Nepal By Ms Anna Tipping, Partner, and Mr Carlos Vicioso, Associate,