Dec 2014

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Special Feature

EAIC: Brainstorming changes

Demographic changes, evolving market dynamics and climate change are some of the challenges Asia is facing as it stands at a crossroad. And the way forward is to embrace these developments, say industry experts at the 27th East Asian Insurance Congress (EAIC), and to pit change against change.

EAIC: Making the day count

The 18th EAIC in 2006 declared 18 October as EAIC Insurance Day. Member cities are urged to hold events on this day to promote the awareness of insurance to the public. We bring you a quick update on what four of the 12 markets in the EAIC - Japan, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan - did to celebrate EAIC Insurance Day.

Focus on winner - Risk manager of the year: Risk managers seek clarity on changing insurance regulations

Insurers can help risk managers understand the fast-changing insurance regulations, says Mr Franck Baron, Group General Manager Risk Management & Insurance at International SOS.

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ASEAN focus: Understanding ASEAN: Seven things you need to know

With the AEC on track, Mr Vinayak HV, Dr Fraser Thompson and Mr Oliver Tonby from McKinsey & Company highlight the seven underlying facts of ASEAN that make investors' heads turn.

Natural catastrophe: What is driving the rising cost of natural disasters?

The rising cost of weather-related natural disasters is often attributed to Global Climate change. This view is wrong, says Professor John McAneney of Risk Frontiers.

Natural catastrophe: Bridging the gap for flood models in Asia

Mr Adityam Krovvidi of Aon Benfield introduces two flood models for parts of China and Vietnam to help insurers make more informed decisions on accumulation control, capital management, reinsurance purchasing and underwriting.

Weather hedging: Making profits weather-proof

In a long list of industries, the business climate reflects the weather - even anticipated fluctuations can hit balance sheets hard. Dr René Mück from Munich Re looks at the development of weather risk management with sophisticated hedging instruments.

Indonesia rendezvous: Tariff sees desired effect, mega reinsurer due in 2015

With some 500 delegates, the 20th Indonesia Rendezvous discussed the developments and challenges of the industry, with special focus on the tariff and the setting up of a mega reinsurer.

Takaful focus: Aspiring towards bigger things

Takaful is still seeing the launch of new ideas. The 2nd Takaful Rendezvous saw the airing of such new ideas and the call for collaborative action to overcome some of the old threats to the business.