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May 2015

Special Feature

AEC focus: AEC can fill regional manpower gaps

The ASEAN Economic Community, or AEC, which is set to come into effect at the end of this year, will enable some of the region's businesses to plug manpower shortfalls, say recruitment experts in Indonesia.

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AEC focus: A more even playing field needed

Domestic regulations and an uneven playing field will pose challenges for ASEAN corporates - an issue they will need to overcome if they are to be successful outside their home markets, said Thai energy giant PTT's Chief Operating Officer, Surong Bulakul.

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Product bites

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The Geneva Association focus: Gaining greater traction with govts in Asia

With The Geneva Association General Assembly being held for the second time in Asia, this time in Singapore this month, we bring you the thoughts of some members on an issue which ranks high in their minds - acquiring the confidence and goodwill of policymakers amid a heightened supervisory environment.

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Focus on 3rd SAARC insurance conference: Pushing for regional cooperation among SAARC nations

With the third annual meeting of the SAARC regulators, we talk to the current and outgoing hosts of this event to be held from 8-10 May 2015 in Kathmandu.

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Legal focus: Coping with enhanced regulation

Over-regulation is now often cited by insurance executives as one of the top challenges with a recent global survey showing that 91% of insurance CEOs view it as a threat. We canvass the views of four leading legal firms in the insurance industry on coping with enhanced regulations.

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Claims: Modern claims management improves reputation - and the balance sheet

Claims management is one the most important aspects in the functioning of an insurer. Mr Andreas Matthias Kleiner of ERGO International analyses the success factors of modern claims management.

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AIG's broker business outlook survey: Brokers bullish on bountiful ASEAN

AIG's recent broker business outlook survey which was conducted among 289 brokers across Asia, confirmed that claims service is the top criterion insurance brokers hold most important in their search for good working partners. The survey also reveals their present perception of the insurance market and its prospects, among others.

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Investment: Insurance equity investment under advanced solvency regimes - The end of the game or the only game in town?

Mr Patrice Conxicoeur of HSBC Global Asset Management (Japan) K.K. extols the incentives of investing in equities once regarded as pariah investments.

Trade credit focus: Credit & Political Risk: Patchy global recovery leaves big room for growth

Experts at our Asia Trade Credit and Political Risks Conference say the need for their products is high, but much more awareness has to be created in Asia.

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IRFRC: The effect of credit crunches on insurance purchases

Insurance purchases are mostly affected after a financial crisis. Dr Shinichi Kamiya of Nanyang Business School, NTU, explains why this is so.

Life focus: Agents of trust

At the 15th Asia Pacific Life Insurance Congress (APLIC), insurance leaders reiterated their commitment and firm belief in agency and that it will remain core as the kind of personal and trusted interactions between clients and agents cannot be replicated in other channels.

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Life focus: Life Insurance and suicide cover

In India, hundreds of farmers have committed suicide in the last three months due to crop failure. We explore the rationale for suicide insurance and whether insurers are in a position to offer such covers.

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Health insurance: Health 2.0 - Disruptions and innovations

As healthcare costs rise as a share of public spending and GDP, how can governments create sustainable health systems? How can insurers seize these opportunities for partnership? Read our report of the 10th Asia Conference on Healthcare and Health Insurance.

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Corporate sponsorship focus: Finding strength in synergy

Mr Jose Hernandez of AIG Asia Pacific finds in sports sponsorship an effective avenue to reach a wider audience and to increase brand visibility and awareness.

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