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Nov 2016

Country Profile

A beckoning star

Spurred by the growing economy, Vietnam’s insurance industry has been on a steady growth path and has attracted sizeable foreign investment.

Poised to be a tiger

The Vietnamese insurance industry is growing in double-digit percentages for the last few years. 
Mr Ngô Trung Dung of the Insurance Association of Vietnam (IAV) gives a brief overview of the country’s insurance sectors. 

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Seeking certainty with political risk insurance

Beazley’s political risk and trade credit underwriters have always had strong appetite for writing business in Vietnam. It is an economy that presents an alluring mix of investment opportunity, maturity and trade openness, but is sufficiently unpredictable for foreign participants to seek the comfort of an insurance policy. Mr Michael Lum and Ms Emma Whiteacre from the company assess the market.

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In too deep - The need for greater flood risk management in Vietnam

Dr Iain Willis and Mr Ian Millinship of JBA Risk Management review the growing extreme flood risk in Vietnam. 

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