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Mar 2018

Cover Story

A Roaring Trade in Health

Asia's Pandora's box

There is unfortunately no magic wand that can provide a solution to the healthcare woes of Asia: ageing demography, rising lifestyle/non-communicable diseases, environment and pollution related afflictions, galloping medical inflation and many more. Can the spirit of compassionate capitalism be invoked to achieve a more inclusive, sustainable and affordable healthcare industry for Asia? What can insurers do?

Healthcare in Asia: A storm in the making!

Asia Insurance Review speaks to reinsurers, insurers, brokers, health evangelists and medical management solution providers to understand the healthcare problems in Asia and the way forward.

Cybercrimes make healthcare sick

Modern healthcare industry is highly evolved. However, with petabytes of sensitive and vital data, it has become vulnerable to cyber-crime prowlers. Employees have emerged as the weakest link in the chain. Continuous training and reskilling of human resource, at all levels can thwart at least 95% of cyber-attacks.

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India's budget conundrum - Insuring 500 million

The world’s largest government funded healthcare programme which is expected to benefit 500 million beneficiaries was announced by the Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in his Budget proposal presented in February for the 2018-19 fiscal year (FY2019). We look at the challenges before the government in getting this programme off the ground and running.

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