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Jun 2018


Marketing insurance in the digital age

Disruptions may come and disruptions may go but someone still has to market insurance products and promote the brand. Welcome to the hard-boiled world of marketing, advertising, promotion and corporate communications in the untamed digital frontier of the future.

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How blockchain could revolutionise the insurance industry

It seems clear that there are many applications for the use of blockchain technologies in the insurance sector. Mr Faisal Siddiqi of DXC Technology outlines some of the potential benefits - and looks at what the future might hold in store.

New era of partnership needed with auto(nomous) industry

Self-driving cars will soon be coming to your neighbourhood. Thorsten Liebert from ERGO Mobility So-lutions takes an in-depth look at the impact on the business cases of both carmakers and the insurance industry.

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InsurTech hype gives way to reality

Insurance in Asia has come to a pivotal point as the much of the hype around disruptors has faded and the industry is now going through a self-correction phase.

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