Nov 2018

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The gem at the heart of blockchain insurance

B3i chief technology officer Markus Tradt talks about the growth trajectory and the need to educate insurers about the benefits of blockchain.

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A problem waiting to be solved

Asia Insurance Review spoke to DBS’ Benjamin Yeo about being a critical link in the insurance chain.

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A decentralised approach to inclusive insurance

Inclusive insurance requires a company to have low operational and transaction costs in order to remain sustainable, given the demographic that lives in the protection gap.

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The Geneva Association - Insurance in the digital age

As the economy becomes more digitalised, the role of insurance in society is changing from one concerned primarily with loss indemnification to a boarder advisory service for customers.

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Insurers enter the era of bots

MSIG Insurance Singapore recently implemented robotic process automation in its process workflows for the first time. We discuss the pros and cons with CEO Michael Gourlay.

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Why a digital transformation is vital for the insurance industry

With non-traditional players entering the insurance industry, incumbents need to undertake digital transformation and improve how they respond to customer expectations. DXC Technology’s Mohit Banerjee examines the changing marketplace.

The new reality

The hype behind InsurTech has faded slightly since its entrance onto the scene in 2016, as the realities of the insurance industry merged with the promise of technological innovation.

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