Jul 2019

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Life & health

The future of sales force training

Disruptions in learning and development are challenging the way we will train salesforces in the future. LIMRA Talent Solutions International’s Nick Wilson says that help is at hand.

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Distribution through partnerships

Aegon Asia CEO Andrew Byrne is candid about the insurer’s aspirations for the region and the strategy that it is using to achieve customer reach through partnering with established digital platforms. 

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Government push ignites health insurance in South Asia

Health insurance is gaining momentum in the South Asian markets of India and Bangladesh, with high value government schemes and the presence of several standalone health insurers in the region.

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Prepared for a digital future

What’s next for the life insurance industry? We got together industry experts from C-level executives, association heads to star-tup founders for a roundtable discussion. 

India: Agents still a critical component

While several mature insurance markets have sounded the death knell for life insurance agents, they are very much the driving force of the industry in India. 

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Microinsurance and hyper-personalisation

While DBS has a ubiquitous presence in Singapore, it also has a surprisingly high profile in Hong Kong. The bank uses that profile to leverage its own bancassurance channels in the territory very efficiently. 

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Could some Asian cities end up underwater soon?

Several Asian coastal cities face the twin threats of rising sea levels and land subsidence due to over-exploitation of groundwater. Plans are afoot to relocate fast-sinking cities like Jakarta.

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