Oct 2019

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Country Profile


Keeping up with the new world

Consistent growth in Indonesia’s economy and insurance markets has served the nation’s insurers well but increased regulatory oversight and an increasingly digital population demand that companies adjust.

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Strengthening portfolios amid slow market growth

The life insurance market in Indonesia experienced a slowdown in 2018, which continued through the first quarter of this year. However, there is still optimism that things will improve.

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Shariah business: The spin-off dilemma

Indonesia is unique amongst Asian countries selling Islamic insurance or shariah business, seeing it is the only country left in Asia where shariah business operates as a ‘window’ within a conventional insurance company.

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Underinsured nation welcomes technology to fill in gaps

A low insurance penetration rate, lack of awareness of insurance and a growing digital economy provide enough impetus for InsurTechs in Indonesia.

Adaptable and undaunted

Amidst a backdrop of dizzying changes, we speak to two reinsurers about how they are tackling some of the challenges that they face.

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