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Jan 2020

Country Profile


Private health insurers drive market growth

The Indian health insurance industry saw 34.3% y-o-y growth in premium collection in the first seven months of the current financial year. 

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The growth story continues

The premium income of India’s 24 life insurance companies continues to grow at a rapid clip.

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General insurance bucks the slowdown in the economy

India’s non-life sector continues its steady progress and could exceed $280bn in gross premiums in 2019-20.

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Insurance and resilience building for natural disaster preparedness

Every time there’s a catastrophic natural disaster in India, it is proclaimed to be once in a 100 year event. ‘It won’t affect us’ is the common refrain and life goes on, until the next disaster strikes. 

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Plenty of potential and promise ahead

GIC Re’s Reena Bhatnagar talks about the progress made in climate change, the corporation’s recent loss and performance.

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Is India ready to get 'old'?

As India’s demographic dividend wanes and the nation grows older, the health insurance industry will have an important role in keeping India’s silver generation healthy. 

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Huge opportunities for speciality risks

AGCS’ C B Murali finds India to be one of the most attractive destinations for global reinsurers.

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When will the woes of Indian farmers end?

Government, insurers and reinsurers need to work out a model that will be sustainable in the long term and also provide solace to farmers in distress. 

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Making insurance simple

We spoke to Vivek Chaturvedi about what lies ahead for Digit Insurance.

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