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Jan 2020


Life & health

Living life to the fullest

The 29th Pacific Insurance Conference was held in Hong Kong in November with a strong showing as Asia’s life industry got together for its biennial gathering.

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The new 100

Living to 100 was once a pipe dream (or nightmare) for most. But living, and staying healthy to such an age is becoming a very real possibility.

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Healthcare hurdles for the elderly in developing Asia

Industry experts outline how insurance can be used as a tool to alleviate the financial burden of healthcare for the elderly.

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Top-level decisions within the ASEAN Insurance Council

At the recent year’s ASEAN Insurance Council meeting, representatives from the member states discussed better cross-border insurance practices and solutions to improve disaster risk financing.

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Asian Insurance Forum 2019

Hong Kong played host to the second Asian Insurance Forum in December 2019, organised by the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong.

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Abuse of trade credit insurance

International trade is now measured on liquidity rather than the value of physical cargo. The interface is invoices and title documents.

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