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Feb 2020


Life & health

A life-changing moment - How life products have evolved in the past decade

The entire consumer landscape has become a constant sea of flux as customers become wealthier, older, more tech savvy, more environmentally conscious – and obsessed with looking at tiny screens. We look at how has this impacted – and continues to affect - the life insurance industry.

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How life insurance has evolved in 10 years: Hong Kong - Insurance mirrors life

In Hong Kong, an ageing population means that savings and retirement solutions have become key growth drivers in the one of the world’s leading life markets. 

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How life insurance has evolved in 10 years: Singapore - Adapting to an evolving population

Life insurers in Singapore have had to navigate several challenges, from an ageing population to customers who are much better informed, and in turn expect more from them.

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How life insurance has evolved in 10 years: India - Rapidly transforming through digitalisation

The Indian life insurance industry is going through a transformation phase, driven by innovation, rising customer expectations and increasing digitalisation.

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How life insurance has evolved in 10 years: Japan - Land of the rising sum

The Japanese life insurance market is interesting because it is mature while being a prime example of an ageing society. It is also large enough and, with over 40 players, competitive enough to hold valuable lessons for other Asian markets. And the picture is looking good.

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How life insurance has evolved in 10 years: Malaysia - Going beyond the traditional

With only 54% of Malaysians owning a life insurance or takaful plan, it is imperative for insurers to make insurance products more attractive especially to the younger segment. 

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How life insurance has evolved in 10 years: South Korea - Innovation is the only way out

In South Korea in the last decade, annuities, life insurance savings and whole life insurance products lost market share. The only hope lies appears to be in innovative life insurance protection and long-term healthcare and wellness products. 

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How life insurance has evolved in 10 years: Myanmar - Life in Asia's last frontier economy

Life insurance in Myanmar holds much promise as locals warm up to the idea of life insurance and new players receive licenses to operate. We spoke to three new life insurance players in the market.

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A double-edged sword

In the never-ending battle to price risk appropriately, genetic testing has emerged as a potential game-changer in the arsenal of insurers. At the same time, with great power comes great responsibility.

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Working for the greater good

AXA Asia CEO Gordon Watson speaks about the future, new talent in the management team and moves towards health and technology. 

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Australia bushfires: Beyond paying claims

As bushfires across Australia continue to ravage land and properties, insurers are not only paying claims – they are 
also helping to build resilience in affected communities. This provides some important lessons on how the role of insurers is evolving in the age of moral capitalism.

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Covering the huge SME market

Aon’s acquisition of digital insurance platform CoverWallet represents the broker’s forward-thinking stance on providing insurance. We spoke to Aon Australia CEO James Baum on what this means for the company – and why the digital approach is so important for tapping into the SME market.

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Staying profitable and sustainable

QBE’s Singapore CEO Ronak Shah the future of the industry and the opportunities and challenges he sees in the market.

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