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Nov 2020


The fractal shock of pandemics and other tales

SCOR’s Mr Denis Kessler has a well-deserved reputation as a doyen of the reinsurance industry – with a knack of providing unique insights into the manifold big issues facing the sector.

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Preparing for pandemics, climate change and cyber

For pandemics and climate change, solutions are harder to identify and will require a herculean effort by the private and public sectors combined to prepare, anticipate and mitigate their potential impact.

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Uncertainty driving change

The changing nature of risk amplifies uncertainty, prompting adaptation in reinsurers’  approaches to managing risk.

ILS remains a secure risk-transfer tool

The insurance-linked securities market was tested by a number of events this year across the globe. However, the ILS market has shown resilience and record issuances since Q42019.

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Asia will continue to be the growth engine of reinsurance

What will be the opportunities and challenges for (re)insurers post pandemic? 

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Reinsurers approach January renewals on the defensive

With earnings coming under pressure, reinsurers can ill-afford a major CAT event in the last two months of the year. 

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Lessons to be learnt from the pandemic

COVID-19 has been a mega-disaster for the world at large, however, it has several lessons for all of us and especially for the global insurance community. 

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No risks are uninsurable

How will reinsurance shape up post-pandemic, especially in emerging markets? 

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ReCovering from COVID-19

The (re)insurance industry is going to look quite different in two years’ time. 

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Reinsurers must become more proactive

The pandemic’s impact on the global reinsurance industry has been intense and pronounced.

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Smaller reinsurers in South Asia: Opportunities and threats

South Asia, considered to be one of the fastest-growing regions in the world in terms of size and economic growth has taken a huge blow from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Top of the world

The SIRC has grown to become one of the most important reinsurance events in the world.