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Jan 2021

Market Profile


Life insurance will be an essential part of people's lives

We spoke with the Life Insurance Corporation of India about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry and how perceptions have changed towards insurance.

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Moving from push to pull

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the Indian life insurance landscape as people seek protection in the midst of the fear and uncertainty surrounding them which will boost insurance penetration.

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Health insurance scaling new heights

Health insurance is today the largest portfolio in the non-life segment having overtaken the dominant motor segment.

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Crop insurance needs a review

Crop insurance has come a long way since 1972 when it was launched for the first time in India.

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A case study of nuclear risk reinsurance

Nuclear installations are prone to large economic losses, environmental impairment and loss of human lives.

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Looking back and looking ahead

GIC Re’s Mr Devesh Srivastava looks back at 2020 and shares his wish list for the industry and also for the Indian reinsurer for 2021.

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Non-life post-pandemic strategy

During the pandemic, the focus of the Indian non-life industry has been entirely on health insurance but there is much more at stake.

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Insurers and InsurTechs are working 'smart'

Pandemic-induced restrictions on physical movement and interaction have spurred digitisation, with contactless becoming the default mode between insurers, customers and intermediaries. collaborating with insurers.

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Intermediaries and the enhanced foreign investment limit

In 2019 the Indian government permitted 100% foreign investment in insurance intermediary companies. Has this move been useful and productive for them?

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Will bancassurance survive the pandemic?

Prior to COVID-19, Indian insurers were largely dependent on agents and bancassurance channel for their sales. The pandemic has changed a lot of things.

The changing dynamics of cyber insurance

Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award at 24th Asia Insurance Industry Awards 2020 Mr Arun Agarwal and City of London’s Ms Anita Nandi-Ray share their views on the expanding threat to cyber security.

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COVID-19 a defining moment for the insurance industry

A cross section of speakers highlight the positives for the industry from the COVID-19 pandemic and how digital will drive growth in the future.

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