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Mar 2021

Market Profile


Mental health issues and the advice gap

Australia’s life insurance industry has also been challenged by the growth in mental health conditions and claims.

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A year of recovery

Despite market uncertainty, insurers continue to maintain their focus on ensuring that customers could weather the pandemic’s financial impact.

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Risk-transfer expertise: Pandemic, terrorism, Nat CAT

This year will see a continuation of technological, social and business transformation accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strong demand for reinsurance to persist

As Australia navigates the summer months, the market is reminded of how climate change has exacerbated the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events.

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Regulation: A game in two halves

Australia’s got it all: Nat CAT in extremis, an unprofitable life sector, BI still playing out in the courts – and a regulator expressing concern about foreign reinsurers in the group risk market.

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The perfect skillsets for imperfect datasets

As the world continues to go through a period of great uncertainty, talented actuaries trained in data analytics have become even more valuable to organisations and businesses.

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Continued evolution of insurance and InsurTech partnerships

Australia, like many other markets, has adapted to the necessities of the post-COVID world, with many more insurers looking towards InsurTech to meet their needs.

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Maintaining momentum in a tough year

The latest statistics released by APRA have revealed that the insurance industry took a significant hit from COVID-19.

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