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Apr 2021

Insurance – general

Making sense of a hard marine market

Marine insurers need to transition to a more efficient operating model through a more scientific and data-driven approach.

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Personal cyber insurance - an inevitable reality?

With the rise of cyber attacks due to the circumstances brought about by COVID-19 – the risk of getting personal data stolen or exploited is higher and the effects could bleed into work – or vice versa.

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Nat CAT will become more complex

Between September 2019 and March 2020, bushfires affected the entire continent of Australia. We look at what the ‘black summer’ means for Australia.

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Parametric insurance comes of age

The evolving risk landscape in Asia, compounded by hardening market conditions and a widening Nat CAT protection gap, have motivated the growth of innovative risk transfer alternatives.

Flood insurance and flood risk in China

The floods in China during June and July 2020 provide a recent example of the size and complexity of the flood events in the world’s fourth largest and most populous country. 

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