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May 2021


There is no second China

Reinsurance is a notoriously cyclical business but there seems little doubt that 2020 represented a period of growth for Munich Re. Dr Achim Kassow told us about plans for transforming the business.

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Reinsurers expect to bounce back after impact of 2020

Swiss Re, Munich Re and Lloyd’s all reported COVID-19-related losses of at least $3bn, but their overall profitability remained stable, helped by a lower-than-average Nat CAT year.

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A new regional reinsurer in the Seychelles

The first reinsurer of the Seychelles, SEY Re, hopes to support the country’s economic growth and create a robust gateway for its own reinsurance sector.

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View from India

Reinsurers resort to prudent pricing

As term life insurance cover gains market share in India, the pandemic toll and subsequent increase in pricing by reinsurers may spoil the party for the customers.

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