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Jul 2021



Holding the world to ransom

In 2020, the world lost $20bn to ransomware attacks, up from $11.5bn in 2019 and a full 57 times more than the $325m in 2015. US-based Cybersecurity Ventures predicted a 30% y-o-y growth in ransomware attacks, with a new attack being perpetrated every two seconds.

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Insuring construction risks: Shaping a consolidating sector

In Australia, the construction market has become more competitive with mergers and acquisitions and COVID-19 has added a level of uncertainty.

Life & health

Meeting challenges stemming from dementia

With the progression of the super-ageing society, how to address dementia has become a serious social issue in aged economies including Japan. The Life Insurance Association of Japan examined the challenges stemming from dementia and issued a proposal to resolve those challenges.

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