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Oct 2021


Think Tank

The Geneva Association: Digital entrepreneurship and the supportive role of insurance

Digitalisation is fundamentally changing the way businesses are formed and operate. This is not solely a matter of technology but reflects changes in the way new businesses collaborate, design and deploy new products and services.

Building resilient organisations

Organisations today face enormous risks and challenges and those that acquire competence in handling cyber risks and ESG risks will be the ones that will survive and thrive in the future.

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A future without risk is impossible

Now more than ever, risk management is becoming part of everyday conversation. According to the Risk Management Institute of Australasia, risk management has never been more to the fore.

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Cyber security - a strategic priority in an age of digitalisation

With COVID-19 having increased the rate of digitalisation and the adoption of new technology, organisations are now more exposed to cyber risk than ever before. Cyber security can no longer be left solely to IT teams to deal with and now must be approached enterprise-wide.

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