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Nov 2021

Market Profile


Regulation: Sustainability and governance

Vice-commissioner for international affairs at Japan’s FSA Mr Shigeru Ariizumi is responsible for the overall management of the agency’s international matters in general and also directly in charge of both international and domestic-policy-related issues of the insurance sector.

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Looking ahead to the next stage

Industry-wide initiatives pushed by the General Insurance Association of Japan have shown where Japan’s priorities lie: Climate change and sustainability – two risks that have once again been given due attention.

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Three priorities for the life sector

The Life Insurance Association of Japan plays a pivotal role for all life players in the market and helps coordinate essential development and collaborative efforts.

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Life, ageing and sustainability

Japan’s life insurance sector is closely watched by many other nations in the region because of its size and maturity. But the nation also has to cope with the realities of an ageing population and all the other usual brickbats ranging from the pandemic to digitalisation. developments and facing the future.

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Reinsurance market remains on strong footing

The Japanese reinsurance market, despite the challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, has remained strong and resilient over the past year and remains positive for the future.

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Digital awakening and opportunity for actuaries

Japan’s non-life insurance industry – mature, largely tariff bound and with limited growth prospects as the population ages – has not been the most dynamic and innovative market for actuaries to use their skills.

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InsurTech development catalysed by pandemic

Japanese-promoted InsurTechs are very thin on the ground. Asia Insurance Review takes a look at how InsurTech in Japan is evolving.

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