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May 2022


Life & health

Life in Singapore: Staying ahead of the curve

Despite the significant hurdles the last few years have presented, Singapore’s life insurance industry has maintained its overall strong performance.

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Insurers must evolve with patients' healthcare demands

Healthcare has become one of the most debated topics in the world – made topical by the pandemic. With customers demanding more from their healthcare providers, while struggling with rising medical costs and inflation,.What role can insurers play in helping provide affordable healthcare?

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InsurTechs are changing the status quo

Over the past few years, a number of InsurTechs across Asia have transformed into full-stack players and are changing the insurance landscape in the region.

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Russia's war with Ukraine - The Russia-Ukraine war, China crash and aviation insurance

Aviation insurance is under the spotlight with Russia president Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the recent airplane crash in China.

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Russia's war with Ukraine - Uncertain skies

With sanctions, grounded aircraft and restricted airspace, the war between Russia and Ukraine has put the global aviation industry in a difficult position. Insurers must also brace for a massive amount of claims, as Russia seizes leased aircraft and the war continues to escalate.

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Russia's war with Ukraine - Insurance concerns ground Indian flights to Russia

Concerns over insurance coverage for flights landing at and taking off from Moscow have led Air India to suspend its flights to the city. Asia Insurance Review takes a look at the wider repercussions.

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Russia's war with Ukraine - Aviation industry should focus on safety as sector recovers

The lifting of travel restrictions by numerous countries comes as a relief for the aviation industry especially for airlines which have been severely impacted. However, airlines need to take extra caution to ensure the safety of flights after a lull during the pandemic.

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Russia's war with Ukraine - Charting a course through dangerous waters

As the waters around Russia and Ukraine become increasingly dangerous for vessels, marine insurers and shipowners alike are struggling to deal with the economic fallout.

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Russia's war with Ukraine - How insurers will deal with the impact of Russia's invasion

Panellists speaking at The War in Ukraine: Implications for the Global Insurance Industry believe the global economic fallout from the war may not be as pronounced beyond Europe.

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Protecting growth markets in Asia

Although there are challenges in addressing customer demand and buying behaviour, MSIG’s Andrew Taylor believes that the increased risks and liabilities in today’s business environment will steadily improve the take-up rate.

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