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Jul 2022

Insurance – general

Insurance Literacy

Insurance as a critical component of financial literacy

People look at financial management in terms of saving and investing through banking and capital markets. It is equally important to pay attention to wealth protection.

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Sustained effort required to improve insurance literacy

Financial literacy and insurance awareness, especially in societies like India, needs a little out-of-the-box strategy. The pandemic delivered shock-therapy and the response was tremendous.

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The case for financial literacy in Australian schools

New research commissioned the Financial Basics Foundation shows it is time to build financial knowledge among students and reconsider how fundamental financial concepts can be taught in schools.

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Better financial literacy and insurance awareness

Given the low level of financial literacy in India, the person on the street is unaware of many risks that are bound to come their way.

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Working towards more inclusive financial literacy

Many parts of Asia still have very traditional societies where financial literacy is low, and many women end up not getting adequate financial protection or insurance coverage.

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View from India

Surety insurance and the regulator

Guidelines for surety insurance business in India came into effect on 1 April 2022, however, the new line of business has not been able to take off.

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