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Aug 2022

Market Profile


Insurance regulation in Japan

Japan Financial Services Agency’s Mr Shigeru Ariizumi shares some insights on the challenges and opportunities facing insurers in Japan.

Strong financial performance of Japan life insurance

Japan’s life insurance sector faces an interesting set of challenges in the post-COVID world – with its ageing population adding a further layer of complexity to the picture.

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Life rebounds in Japan

The Life Insurance Association of Japan has a grand overview of the development of the sector – and how it is coping with threats and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise.

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Strengthening against risks new and old

Japan’s general insurance industry has continued to perform well despite the challenges it faces while the General Insurance Association of Japan is still looking to improve how the sector can protect its customers against new risks.

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Reinsurance: Responsive and resilient despite challenges

The Japanese reinsurance market, despite the pandemic and Nat CAT, performed well and remained resilient. There could be more challenges ahead.

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Business getting back on track

The Japanese insurance industry swung back to growth in FY2021 after seeing contraction in life and non-life premium income in the previous fiscal due to the disruptive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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InsurTech trends in Japan

Plug and Play Japan’s Ms Chang Li gives us a snapshot of InsurTech development in the country.

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ISSB proposals on sustainability disclosures

Lack of comparable ESG information has been a barrier in the transition to a more sustainable economy. The newly established International Sustainability Standards Board is expected to resolve the situation by developing a global baseline of sustainability disclosures.

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