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Aug 2022

Insurance – general


Insurers require expertise to invest beyond traditional assets

Insurers are diversifying portfolios by increasing investments in alternative assets such as private debt instruments. Given an uncertain macroeconomic outlook, insurers in Asia are repositioning portfolios to manage downside risks.

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Turning to mangroves to improve insurability of assets

Insurers in the Philippines are collaborating to factor the value of mangrove forests into portfolios, underwriting processes and business development opportunities to improve the insurability of assets.

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Insurers continue to exercise caution in investment

Insurers are always vying for increased profitability, and low interest rates have been hampering their investments over the past few years.

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Insurers can do more to act sustainably

Singapore is disproportionately more at risk from the effects of climate change as an island nation compared to larger countries with more resources – but can do less to impact it on a global level.

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Insurance asset management in China

China’s asset management industry had an excellent run in 2021 and registered record high asset under management. It is now the world’s second largest onshore market.

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