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Dec 2022



A hard market approaches for general insurers

Insurers are expected to face a hardening market due to higher credit risk exposure in the aftermath of COVID-19, according to speakers at the 26th Indonesia Rendezvous.

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M&A insurance in APAC

M&A insurance has been a steady and profitable line of business over the years and its trajectory is set to continue to rise despite economic uncertainties.

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Property insurance and inflationary pressures

Property insurers are exposed to multiple risks in Asia, including Nat CAT and supply-chain disruptions.

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Life & health

Life insurance sustainability initiative in Japan

In 2021, the Daido Sustainability Initiative was launched to encourage SMEs in Japan to take action on sustainable development goals.

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Mental ailments will now be insured

All health insurance products in India will now cover mental illnesses in accordance with the provisions of the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017.

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